Clear Skies Services


Clear Skies offers the lowest full service prices in the Bismarck/Mandan Region on 100LL Avgas and Jet-A fuel. We also offer volume discounts for jet-A, and a free party pizza with any 20 gallon purchase. Compare our prices to the FBOs in Bismarck - you'll see that we're worth checking out. Clear Skies accepts the following Credit Cards: VISA; MasterCard; Discover; and American Express

Ground Power

We have 12 and 24 Volt Jump Start packs to help get you going when your batteries are low, or you just want to be easier on your aircraft batteries. We also have a 28V 70amp maintenance GPU available if you need to work on your aircraft while you are visiting us.


Clear Skies offers heated hangar space with a 60x16 foot door, accommodating aircraft up to Super King Air size. For those not wanting hangar space, there are ample tie-downs on the ramp.

Winter Ops

If you don't want to use our heated hangar, Clear Skies has insulating blankets and extension cords for plugging in your aircraft heaters so your airplane is ready when you are.

Aircraft Detailing

Clear Skies offers aircraft washing and detailing services to get your aircraft in its best-looking shape. You can also use our equipment to wash your own aircraft if you'd like.

Ground Transportation

For short term transportation, our courtesy Chevy Tahoe can accommodate up to 6 people and bags. For longer term, Enterprise Car Rental will deliver and pick up cars so you can pick them up and leave them right here. Other options include taxi, Uber and Lyft, and some hotels offer pick-up and drop-off service at Clear Skies. In a pinch we can give you a ride to where you need to go. Whatever we need to do, you won't be stranded without a ride

Terminal Facilities

With plush seating, two large screen TVs, free coffee and a fireplace, our lobby is second to none. We also have a flight planning room, wifi, full kitchen, showers, separate pilot's lounge, and a conference room/classroom accommodating up 20 people.


The Bismarck/Mandan area offers a plethora of excellent eating establishments, many of which provide catering or delivery service. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can have it ready for you when you arrive. Lead time requirements vary, so give us as much notice as you can.

Aircraft Maintainence

Clear Skies Aviation offers full service aircraft maintenance through Mandan Aero Center, located in our facilities. Call them at 701-663-9925 or see their website at:

Flight Ops

Langer Aviation LLC, located on site, offers flight instruction, aircraft management, and pilot services. Contact Garhett Langar at: 701-415-6903 or Clear Skies also works with other local flight instructors and aircraft owners to provide for your instruction and aircraft rental needs.

Charter Services

Clear Skies Aviation partners with a number of air taxi/aircraft charter companies to provide air transportation for our customers who need the efficiency of direct, point to point travel on their own schedules rather than being tied to inefficient airline schedules. Call or e-mail us for a quote.

Utility Helicopter Charter

SkySkopes is a professional service provider with a highly qualified operation and geospatial team. They operate a wide variety of advanced sensors and aircraft for transmission and distribution line inspections, oil and gas applications, and many other innovative use cases that focus on adding value. Visit their website at:

Aviation Medical Exams

Clear Skies partners with Reis Above Aviation, located in our offices, to provide all classes of aviation medical exams right here at the airport.

Combining his profession with his passion for flying, Dr. Justin Reisenauer is excited to offer you aviation medical exams. In 2017 Justin became an Aviation Medical Examiner. He felt as a pilot and physician this was a perfect fit. Justin has been a physician since 2008 and a pilot since 2012. He holds a commercial certificate with an instrument rating and flies weekly.

"I'm passionate about aviation and medicine, and love what I do. Let me be your advocate by helping you circumnavigate the medical application process. As a current pilot, I understand the passion of flying and the amazing world of aviation. Together we can keep you in the air. Allow me the opportunity to be your advocate and flight doctor. Call me at 701-660-0625 or visit my website at " Justin Reisenauer, MD, FACEP, AME, AWEP